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Our Philosophy

“We help our students keep progressing toward their goal and make their training as smooth as possible in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We provide a solid, well-rounded package: theory and practical training, simulator sessions, the ICAO exam, theory and practical exams, all in one place. Transparency is one of our key values: we’ve stayed true to our reputation by not charging hidden fees.”

Rózsavölgyi Family

PPL Training

The first step towards achieving your goal is to earn the Private Pilot Licence (PPL). This training consists of a theoretical part in the form of distance learning and minimum 45 hours of flight training. With this licence you can fly all around Europe in VFR and even take your friends and family for a ride!

Advanced UPRT

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, mandatory for all students who started their training after 20 December, 2019 and our course is based on AMC1 FCL.745.A. 

Finish your advanced UPRT in 3 days!


No matter if you are our student or not, we are providing theory exams for everyone under AustroControl. You can book your PPL(A)/(H), CPL(A)/(H), IR(A)/(H), ATPL(A)/(H), Conversion with us.  Exam dates are announced to be the most convinient for the candidates (more exam dates during 1 sitting).

Flight Instructor Training

30 hours of dual flight training to enable trainees to conduct FI(A) flights in Single Engine Piston aircrafts.




Why should I choose Rivair Flight School?

Rivair is your most efficient path to becoming a pilot. Train confidently in a friendly atmosphere with well-trained and highly-skilled flight instructors in aircraft maintained at the highest safety standards. We offer complete training courses that will guide you to your desired goal.

What our students tell about us:

“Since I took my first journey on a plane, I was dreaming to be a pilot. After numerous of researches I have done, I finally found the best academy that suits me. Not only the education but also the safety was well organized. When I took my first training flight, I had realized that I was in professional hands. I am glad to be the part of the family, in addition, I am the pilot of the skies thanks for them.”

Ergyun Dzhoshkun


“I took my ppl and night time rating in Rivair. I am so happy with all members of rivair family. Currently I’m glad to continue rest of training here. They plan everything for students best. During study for ATPL I have really good chance to ask my questions to well experienced instructors. I also improve my flight skills during PIC flights. In addition of these, quality of training is very high and aircrafts are perfectly cared so safety is always first priority for this school. You can always get precious recommendations for your future career. Students in rivair feel themselves as a member of family. That’s the best part. To sum up, you can find professionalism and friendship in Rivair.”

Yusuf Kaynar


“RivAir offers flexible and competitive options and courses, it can be tailored to take your previous flying experience into account like in my case. I was very happy to join them to complete my training because they really take care of me even if sometimes it was difficult and not worth in term of business. They really love their job and this is very clear to me. From my professional experience in Commercial Aviation environment, this aspect is maybe the most important and it absolutely stands for high quality level of safety and instruction.
Choose them and you won’t never regret it.
Thank you RivAir!!!”

Riccardo Locatellli



“Following communication with my National Aviation Authority ENAC, I have got the clearance to proceed for the above training. By the way one of the head of the ENAC rapresentative, with which I had the pleasure to speak for the clearance, told me that he has been in your ATO for an audit few years ago and that you have a very very good aviation culture and great safety standards, so for that he really raccomends your ATO!
Actually I already knew it from my previous stays, but still, to know it from ENAC it makes me more happy for the choice and I hope the same for you.”


“I have met with the school during the covid-19 pandemic time while everything was stopped and the world is upside down. Although facing with a lot of difficulties during the pandemic time, my passion for aviation and for the blue skies never stopped. I have got the help of the school several times about every and each question in my mind, preparing the documents and moving to Szeged Hungary, after arrival, during my ppl training and even on my personal life. The school’s approach is more likely a family touch, and this warm welcome keeps itself fresh from the first day till today. With their all kindness, understandings and help; now I am free like the birds and flying up in the sky… I would love to say a big Köszönöm, and Thank you for giving me my wings.”

Emre Tunali


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