ATPL Theory Course

months in training

hours of theory

Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence – ATPL (A)

After successful acquisition of PPL(A), trainees immediately start their Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theory training using our certified distance learning system. 14 subjects and a total of 650 hours must be completed. Exam sittings can be carried out on site reducing travel expenses and the excitement factor thus contributing to the successful outcome.


ICAO Private Pilot Licence

EASA Medical Class II or higher certificate

Sufficient knowledge of English


There are 14 subjects to pass at EASA level. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training. A 4-day Ground School is at the end of each stage. It is comprised of subject overviews and exam preparation at our Training Centre just prior to sitting each stage of EASA exams. Exams are computer based multiple choice question sheets with a pass mark of 75 percent conducted on state-of-the art iPads, even annexes are digital saving candidates valuable time for answering the questions correctly.

There is a maximum of 6 sittings available to finish the exams within 18 months from the initiation of the first one. A sitting is NOT 1 day only but 10! The theory exam is in our centre, you don’t have to go anywhere to take it. Most candidates finish 4-5 exams at a sitting at our location on the first 2 days.


Human Performance & Limitations Principles of Flight Aircraft General Knowledge
Air Law & ATC Procedures Performance Instrumentation
Operational Procedures Flight Planning Radio Navigation
VFR Communications General Navigation
IFR Communications Mass & Balance