CATS - Distance learning

You can reach CATS here: CATS

Sign in with the username and password sent to you in email.

First you need to read the Course Info (select it from the burger menu) it describes how to take a course. Burger menu / Course Info / Course Info

Lecture notes and progress test are the key parts of the system.

Start with studying the lecture notes. When you have the necessary time spent for a subject, you can ask about it on this email address:

Only after you have the needed hours you should take the progress tests. Do NOT do the tests before you have the required study time!

The recommended hours of study is 2-4 hours / day.  The maximum (official) hours you can complete is 6 hours a day. You can study more, but only 6 hours will be counted. Be careful, opening the session and leaving the computer there will not count.


PPL – Distance learning requirements:

Subject Study hours
AL 5,8 h
AGK 12,8 h
FPP 11,8 h
HPL 7,5 h
MET 11,7 h
NAV 18 h
OPS 5,9 h
POF 9 h
COM 3 h

ATPL – Distance learning requirements:

Subject Study hours
HPL 50,25 h
AL 38,5 h
OPS 38,75 h
MET 78 h
VCOM 6,75 h
ICOM 6,75 h
POF 60 h
PERF 36,25 h
GNAV 60 h
FP 42 h
MB 20,75 h
AGK – SYS 13,25 h
AGK – ELEC 16,5 h
AGK – PP 16,75 h
AGK – EE 12,75 h
AGK – extra hours 11,5 h
INST 74,75 h
RNAV 60 h