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Exam booking

Please select your date of birth! The format is going to be the following: MM/DD/YYYY eg. 12/26/1986

Please tell us your ATO's (flight school's) name! If you don't have an ATO, please write: N/A

Please note that all PPL subjects must be done on one exam day! You can choose it separately if you have previously failed from a subject.

Please note that all PPL subjects must be done on one exam day! You can choose it separately if you have previously failed from a subject.

Please note that all PPL subjects must be done on one exam day! You can choose it separately if you have previously failed from a subject.

Please note that all PPL subjects must be done on one exam day! You can choose it separately if you have previously failed from a subject.

The Application form should be in PDF and do not forget to upload both pages. The form should be filled digitally (the only exceptions are the signature and the stamp). Please note that the Application form is accepted only if the aforementioned rules are fulfilled. Should you have any further questions regarding the Application form, please contact us!

Please upload your ID / Passport (photo page)

Please read the Examination Policy and accept it at the bottom of this page



1. Exam facility, contact details

The Szeged Exam Center’s address is:
6722 Szeged, Londoni körút (avenue) 22., HUNGARY
Parking: Available for free at the nearby mall (Szeged Árkád)


2. Exam dates and registration deadlines

Exam dates and registration deadlines can be discovered on the following website:
Exam Dates
Registration deadline is 7 workdays before the start of a session and written under each exam date.
The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel dates!


3. ECQB 2020

All students who start their pilot examinations on or after 01.04.2021 will have to take them using the questions from ECQB 2020. Students who have already started their examinations before this date can still complete their set of exams until 31.01.2022 (as the last possible examination day) using the previous ECQB.
As of 01.02.2022, only examinations based on the ECQB 2020 are generally possible for examinations already started and new examination entries. Candidates who have started under the current ECQB and have not completed their examinations by 31.01.2022 must continue their examinations under ECQB 2020 from 01.02.2022. In general, candidates who have already started under the current ECQB will also be able to continue their examinations from 01.04.2021 based on the syllabus and question database of ECQB 2020, a change is possible at any time. Please note, however, that after a change to ECQB 2020 and its syllabus, a change to the old system / under the old syllabus is no longer possible.
Further information on the ECQB and the changeover to the new syllabuses can be found at:


4. Defining exam sittings/sessions/days

  • One sitting consists of two sessions within 10 consecutive days

  • One session consists of two exam days (DAY1 and DAY2)

  • On one sitting an examinee can only attempt to pass a subject once. If an examinee wants to retake the same subject within 10 consecutive days, it will be counted as a new sitting and will be deducted from the remaining pool.

Please make sure you have checked the exam dates; you can only have exams on the previously announced exam days (see exam dates and registration deadlines).


5. Subjects and attempts

  • The examinee has normally 18 months to complete their subjects after the first exam.

  • Regarding the measures to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, please see the corresponding statement: Civil Aircrew Notice (ACG) FCL 16

  • The examinee has 6 sittings to complete their subjects.

  • The examinee must pass 75% of a given subject to pass (rounded down).

  • PPL examinees must take all their exams on one exam day (see defining exam sittings/sessions/days).

Failing subjects:

  • If the examinee fails, a new attempt must be done. The earliest opportunity is the next exam session. If the next exam session is within 10 days, the examinee will automatically start a new sitting.

  • Failing a subject for more than 3 times will cause the examinee to lose all previous examination progress. This means that the examinee must restart the whole examination process.

  • If the examinee is unable to finish with the 14 subjects within the 18-month timeframe, will cause the examinee to lose all previous examination progress. This means that the examinee must restart the whole examination process.

6. Exam fees / Payments

Exam fees:

  • ATPL:................................... 70 EUR/subject

  • IR:......................................... 70 EUR/subject

  • CPL....................................... 70 EUR/subject

  • PPL........................................ 25 EUR/subject

On the first day of each session the examinee shall pay for all chosen subjects within the session (all subjects the examinee previously registered for the session)
If a student registered for 4 subjects; 2 subjects for the “exam day1” and 2 subjects for the “exam day2”, they shall pay for all 4 subjects in advance on the first day.
Please note that the fees must be paid in euros (cash).


7. Registration / booking an exam / confirmation

Registering at Austro Control:
Every time the examinee starts a new sitting, an Austro Control Exam Application Form must be filled in. This form must be signed and stamped by the ATO of the examinee. Partially filled in or incorrectly completed forms cannot be accepted.
The application form must be filled in digitally. No handwritten forms can be accepted.
The application form can be downloaded from the following site:
Booking exams at the Szeged Exam Centre:
To book subjects at the Szeged Exam Centre, the examinee must fill in the online booking from on the following site:
Exam Booking
The booking form asks the examinee to upload the previously filled Austro Control Exam Application Form.
Confirmation letter:
After the booking has been done, tan automatic confirmation email is sent for the examinee. In this confirmation the examinee will find all the previously submitted data. If necessary, the exam coordinator contacts the examinee’s ATO requesting further information.
Details of the exam, starting dates, special rules will be sent in the second confirmation / reminder email.
Modifying booked exams:
The examinee has the right to add or delete subjects, postpone or cancel their exam bookings, until the registration deadline, by replying to the confirmation email or writing directly to
Second confirmation letter / reminder:
After the registration deadline, a second confirmation / reminder email is sent with the exact starting times for each examinee. This email is sent no later than 3 days prior the exam.


8. Skipping exams

If a candidate does not appear for the examination or does not complete all subjects on his or her appointment, this will not affect the payment. The item not completed will not be counted as an attempt, but will be charged accordingly by the authority.


9. Examination procedure

  • Examinees must arrive on time, at least 15 minutes before the start of their sitting.

  • Examinees must follow the instructions of the invigilators.

  • Before the test, the examinee must put down their personal belongings into the designated area (bags, coats, etc.).

  • Before the test, the examinee must switch off all their electronic devices (phones, smart devices) and put to the designated area.

  • Only the allowed items can be brought to the exam room (see the allowed aids list).

  • The invigilators are entitled to inspect the examination equipment and to exclude you from the examination in the event of attempts at deception and failure to follow instructions.

  • Examinees must identify themselves with a valid ID or Passport.

  • Exams are taken on iPads provided by the exam centre.

  • Examinees must not communicate with each other during the exams.

  • Examinees can only take break between subjects.

  • The break time between subjects must not exceed 5 minutes.

  • All questions are in English and have been meticulously checked for accuracy.

  • Annexes are viewable on screen and printed if requested.

  • Exam time is visible on screen and a colour coded warning is issued at 10 and 5 minutes.

  • Examinees who want to appeal a question must do so before the end of the exam.

  • Most appeals can be resolved on the spot (within reason).

  • There is no charge for appeals.

10. Non – compliance with the examination procedure

Anyone who does not comply with the examination procedures will be excluded from the examination within all EASA member states for 12 months and all items passed so far will be assessed as "failed".
Attempts to deceive are among other things:

  • Use of means other than those permitted,

  • Any kind of communication with other students during the test,

  • Taking examination documents with you from the examination room,

  • Taking notes on the recording paper when the examination subject is not open,

  • Use of any kind of electronic devices.

11. Exam application guide

The user guide for the exam application can be downloaded from the following site:


12. Allowed aids list

The following items can be brought into the exam room:

  • Mechanical navigation computer

  • Protractor

  • Ruler

  • Drafting compass

  • Jeppesen Manual and charts

  • CAA CAP’s

  • Pen/pencil

Use of digital flight computers has been suspended from the 1st of December 2020.
Scratch paper will be provided by the exam center.


13. Results

  • Exam results are available instantly.

  • The passing score is 75% (rounded down).

  • The exam center is not sending any results for the examinees.

  • If required, the exam center can create exam report of the previous exams and results.

  • Exam report can be requested by sending email to

14. Finishing exams

If the examinee finishes all their subjects within the regulation, the Exam Centre requests the finishing certificate.
The certificate will be sent for the examinee’s email address in a pdf form (signed and stamped).
The hard copy of the certificate will arrive to the Exam Centre. The examinee can pick up the hard copy in person or by authorizing someone to do so.



You can download an empty application form from here:
Aeroplane: LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A), ATPL(A), IR(A), EIR/CB IR(A)
Helicopter: LAPL(H), PPL(H), CPL(H), ATPL(H) VFR, ATPL(H)