Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one sitting last?

One sitting is within 10 consecutive calendar days. We always try to add at least 4 days within this period. 

Can I swap if I've already started with another Civil Aviation Authority?

Yes, but you will lose any passes you may have and start with a clean slate, including number of sittings.

What are the benefits of sitting my exams with Austro Control at Us?

You will have the benefit of obtaining an EASA licence without the inconvenience of travelling to expensive capital cities and incurring in travel and accommodation expenses. Also you will avoid long delays in getting a exam date as we can extend testing days if required.

This provides a flexible and reliable way to sit your exams with mínimum stress as to logistics.

Is the process the same for ICAO Conversion students?

Yes, ICAO conversion students can use the same application form without the need to fill in point 3 on the form.

What do I get when I have passed all my exams?

Austro Control provide each student with an official Certificate of Completion of all the exams. This Certificate is accepted by other EASA member states and will need to be presented at licence application to the Authority where you apply.