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Private Pilot Licence – PPL (A)

The first step towards achieving your goal is to earn the Private Pilot Licence (PPL). This training consists of a theoretical part in the form of distance learning and minimum 45 hours of flight training. For most candidates it takes less than 2 months from the beginning to finish the course. At the end of the training a skill test is required. With this licence you can fly all around Europe in VFR and even take your friends and family for a ride!

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An applicant for a PPL shall be at least 17 years of age

Able to obtain EASA Medical Class II or higher certificate

Sufficient knowledge of English


The 9 subjects for EASA PPL are as follows – PPL EASA Theoretical Knowledge Course:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Planning & Performance
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications

You are required to undertake 70 hours of distance learning, followed by 30 hours of ‘ground school’ at the school or virtual classroom. During the week long ‘ground school’, you will have an opportunity to take the official EASA PPL exams. We are proud that most of our trainees have a PASS rate over 90% on first attempt.

Flight Training

Practical training is of minimum 45 hours. You will master basic manouvers, take-offs, landings, and emergency procedures through navigation on cross country flights. All of these are necessary to prepare you to safely operate a single engine piston aircraft.

Training consist of DUAL instruction with your Flight Instructor on board and supervised SOLO flying. Over 80 percent of our trainees manage to do their first SOLO around 20 hours of flight time and finish training within the minimum 45 hours.

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