Useful information for the visa process

– Purpose of the visa: ‘Other’ (not study purpose). We are an ATO (approved training organization), we are approved by the Aviation Authority. It means we are not a school but a ‘training center’.

Nowadays the only option is D type visa. The duration of D type visa is minimum 91 days (it can be extended for 1 year if necessary).

Necessary documents for the visa process:
– valid passport (must be valid for the whole visa period)
– invoice of the training fee payment
– a proof of the savings (stamped and signed by the bank) which is not older than 30 days
– bank account statement for the last 6 months (stamped and signed by the bank) which is not older than 30 days
– contract/confirmation about the accommodation for the whole period
– insurance (mostly health)
– letter of invitation: The student has to agree in the starting date of the training and the ending date with Mr. Arpad Rozsavolgyi. After our colleagues can make a Letter of invitation for the student. After that write an email to with the agreed starting and finishing date, so we can provide the letter of invitation.
– A Statement about the number of dependent people in your household: A document about your family (who you take care/if you have kids, or you support somebody financially, there’s a family member who supports you, etc). You can write it on your own with date and signature: ‘My name is …., I do not have children and I do not support my parents financially. My parents support me, I attach their bank account statement and proof of savings.’

From Turkey

Step 1
First of all determine how long the visa validation will be asked for depending on further studies because it lets you know the gap between dates you will ask to school. Dates will be provided on Letter of Invitation which is the main paper and all the others are going to be prepared according to it. Once the letter of invitation is prepared now comes,
Step 2
Book a date for appointment with purpose of the delivery of the documents and the interview at consulate. This comes before gathering the required documents for application because they generally let you pick a day for a month later.
Here is a trick, you may email the consulate( and try to get an earlier date of application. They are very helpful when somebody cancels his/her own current reservation.
Step 3
Gather the papers! Here is a list of required documents,
  1. Passport,
  2. 2 Biometric Image / 35x45mm white background,
  3. Residence Permit for “Other” Purpose / Helps also to find nr. 4,
  4. Appendix 16 / check the link under nr. 3,
  5. State Insurance Registration / Might differ such as 4a, 4b or 4c, depending on applicants social service history,
  6. Letter of Invitation,
  7. Payment Proof or Invoices,
  8. Savings in Bank,
  9. Bank Statement / for 6 months,
  10. Accommodation Proof/Confirmation /must cover the dates in Letter of Invitation and detailed information can be found on the 2nd page of Appendix 16,
  11. Family Statement / if applicant is supported by any family member regarding nr. 8 or the applicant supports any of family member(s) or any family member travels with the applicant,
  12. Travel Insurance / must cover the dates indicated in Letter of Invitation or at most for a year and can be obtained at the application center,
  13. Additional Documents.
For more information or updates about documents listed above check the web pages below,
Step 4
On the day of appointment you are kindly asked to deliver documents at Third Party Company( ) and later on same day for an interview at consulate.
By completing four steps you should be done by successful application of Type D visa which is only valid for some amount of time including single entry which lets you in to Hungary. Then you can apply for Residence Permit in Hungary.
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¡¡¡Very Important thing to keep in mind and a suggestion for applicants,
The application has been made at consulate but documents will be sent to Hungary for verification and it may take up to “50” days as The Consul reported. At this point i suggest to successfully complete the application 60 days before planned arrival!!!
Note: This guide could only help out Turkish citizens applying to General Consulate of Hungary, Istanbul.